The Lab of Tyler Gaw

Name Created Description
Media Seek from URL 2014-09-13 Seek to a time in HTML Media or Soundcloud embed with a URL query param
CSS True Titles 2014-02-25 True Detective style titles with CSS
Papersaver (this one died) 2014-02-03 Node.js app for self-hosting Paper App drawings
CSS Shaky Animation 2012-09-02 Squigglevision using SVG sprites
CSS Write On 2012-02-04 Write-on text effect with CSS
CSS Slideshows 2011-10-09 Revolving image galleries with CSS Animations
CSS Animated Sprites 2011-08-22 Single image “animated gifs”
CSS Gradient Transition (sorta) 2011-01-04 Workaround for transitioning CSS gradients
The Man From Hollywood 2010-04-06 Kinetic type with CSS